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  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Terrorist 'Ideology' Now 'in Charge of Afghanistan'
    After 9/11, the U.S. and NATO allies sought to dismantle terrorist ideology, not any one country, but now President Joe Biden has permitted that ideology to now take control of Afghanistan again, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., lamented Sunday....
  • Rowdy Celebrations Across Norway With End of COVID Measures
    Police in Norway on Sunday reported dozens of disturbances and violent clashes including mass brawls in the Nordic country's big cities after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID-19 restrictions.The Norwegian...
  • Witness: Taliban Hang Dead Body in Afghan City's Main Square
    The Taliban hanged a dead body from a crane in the main square of Herat city in western Afghanistan, a witness said Saturday, in a gruesome display that signaled a return to some of the Taliban's methods of the past.
  • Rep. Jim Banks Criticizes LinkedIn for Bowing to China User Profile Bans
    Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., called out LinkedIn, the professional social media platform, for banning users in China that the Communist Party flags as inappropriate. According to the Washington Examiner, Banks sent a letter to the Microsoft-owned platform Friday, accusing it of...
  • Back in Haiti, Expelled Migrants Plan to Flee Again
    You're lucky, the U.S. officials said. "You're going to see your family."The authorities had called out numbers corresponding to raffle-like tickets the Haitians had been issued when they were detained after crossing the border into Texas. As each number was called, another...


  • Facebook Seeks to Defend Itself After Scathing Reports
    Facebook on Tuesday fired back after a series of withering Wall Street Journal reports that the company failed to keep users safe, with the social media giant noting an increase in staff and spending on battling abuses.The company has been under relentless pressure to guard...
  • NASA Creates 2 New Mission Directorates for Future
    NASA is creating two new mission directorates that will best position the agency for the next 20 years, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced Tuesday. This divides the agency's current...
  • Apple Explores if IPhone, Watch Can Detect Depression
    Moving beyond its revolutionary technology to sense for irregular heartbeats that could result in a heart attack or stroke, Apple Inc. is now looking into whether key usage data collected from its iPhones and Watch can detect depression, stress, anxiety, cognitive decline and even autism.
  • SpaceX Launches 4 Amateurs on Private Earth-circling Trip
    SpaceX's first private flight streaked into orbit Wednesday night with two contest winners, a health care worker and their rich sponsor, the most ambitious leap yet in space tourism.It was the first time a spacecraft circled Earth with an all-amateur crew and no...
  • Building Mars Bases to Require Astronauts' Blood, Sweat, Tears
    Building bases on Mars will literally require blood, sweat, and tears of astronauts, according to scientists developing a cheaper way to use Mars rock and soil to form a concrete-strength structure...


  • Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandate
    A federal appeals court on Friday granted a temporary injunction on New York City's mandate that all adults in the public school system have at least one dose of the three available COVID-19 vaccines as of Monday.According to the city's Department of Education, all...
  • Antiviral Pill to Treat COVID-19 Could be Weeks Away
    Scientists are working on an anti-viral pill to treat COVID-19 in its earliest stages. Antivirals are already essential treatments in other diseases, such as hepatitis C and HIV, according to NBC News. Tamiflu, a widely prescribed treatment for influenza, reduces the risk of...
  • Diabetes Drug Prolonged Pregnancy in Women With Preeclampsia
    Metformin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug, may help stave off preterm birth among women who develop pregnancy-related high blood pressure. Preeclampsia is marked by a sudden spike in blood pressure, protein in urine, or other problems during pregnancy. Preterm...
  • Saline Spray Could Slow COVID's Spread in the Lungs: Study
    A saltwater solution may help stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus in its tracks, Brazilian researchers report. However, although saline may keep the virus from replicating, it does not offer full protection against infection or a cure for COVID-19."It's not a single solution, and it...
  • Study: Insulin Resistance Increases Risk For Depression
    Insulin resistance can make you more than twice as likely to develop major depression, even if you haven't developed full-blown diabetes, a new study reports. Initially healthy people who later developed prediabetes were 2.6 times more likely to come down with major...
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1976 Popular Science Article posted by Bill Beaty
Minto estimates a slightly larger (40 ft.) wheel with 14 pairs of 1 ft. by 4.5 ft. containers would provide 10,240 ft/lb of work per container as each 269 lb of liquid responds to gravity through a 20 ft level arm. At only one rpm this is 8.69 hp; not spectacular, but low cost and capable of running steadily for generations. The slow rotational speed can be stepped up to whatever is needed, just as with the old-time waterwheels.

What could YOU do with 8.69 HP running 24/7/365 that only requires a little bit of heat to work and nearly no maintenance required?

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