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Our specialization in Android, Microsoft, and Intel based systems allows us to provide solutions for almost any need you may have. Some of the services we offer include:

  • 24/7/365 Remote Support Available
  • Emergency / Priority Service is Available
  • Virus / Malware Prevention and Removal
  • Computer / Laptop Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance
  • Android Tablet / Smartphone Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance
  • Data Backup Plan Setup and Device Assistance (via Network or USB Storage)
  • Data Destruction (Securely Erase Your Storage Device)
  • Data Storage Device Encryption Assistance
  • High Speed Internet Modem Setup Assistance
  • Network Router Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance
  • Network Storage (NAS) Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance
  • Printer Setup and Networking Assistance (Including your Smartphone and Tablet)
  • Private Cloud Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance (Remote Access to Your Files)
  • Smart Appliance Setup Assistance (Requires an Android Tablet / Smartphone)
  • Home and Small Business Server Setup, Assistance, and Maintenance
  • Android / Microsoft Operating System and Application Support
  • Limited Apple and Linux Support
  • Website Building (Personal and Small Business) / Hosting and Email Setup


General computer / mobile device related work and virus / malware removal for homes and businesses is $65.00 per hour.

  • If done on-site we do charge for scan times on all jobs.
  • If done via remote support we do not charge for scan times on non-priority jobs*.
  • If we are permitted to take the computer with us and fix it at our location there is no charge for scan times on non-priority jobs*.
    *Non-priority jobs do not require us to focus on just that one device.

Data Recovery is priced by the job and depends on what type of storage device the data is on.

  • This takes a lot of time if the files are damaged and you will be billed for the time we spend working on your files whether we retrieve any useful data or not.
  • It isn't done on-site unless the storage device can't be removed from it's classified or secret environment.
  • No extra charge for standard mirrored RAID arrays but all other RAID arrays, the charges increase with what we have to do for your type of array.
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