Remote Computer Repair, Support, and Maintenance


Need help after hours from an experienced technician?

Traveling and in need of trusted tech support?

Do you realize most malware problems are due to a lack of proper software updating?

Get your monthly computer maintenance done by a qualified technician to keep your data secure and have peace of mind.


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Remote computer repair, support, and maintenance is our specialty. We specialize in Windows computers and tablets, Android mobile devices, and limited support is available for iOS, Mac, and Linux. After hours and holiday remote support is available if needed.

Let us help you stay secure which requires proper updating and maintenance of your computers and devices. For businesses, we offer remote maintenance plans that will allow us to do our work after hours while you are closed so there is little to no impact to your business. For home users, your computers can be remotely maintained while you sleep so there is hardly any impact to your normal lifestyle. If you happen to own a computer store and need someone to handle all of your client’s after-hours remote support and maintenance needs we can do that too.

Setting up a brand-new computer or Android mobile device is not a problem once our remote access software has been installed (phone support is always available to help you get your new item out of the box and connected to the internet). If you have purchased a NAS box, router, printer, or any other network device and do not know how to set it up and secure it we can assist you once you have connected it to the router (if we are setting up a router it needs to be connected to the modem and computer). Helping you setup a proper backup plan for your new external drive is easy once you have it plugged into the computer or network. Need help with an interesting and unique issue that we haven’t mentioned? Give us a call today!

Is your computer infected with malware or a virus? Are you worried about ransomware? If so, we can help as long as your computer is able to still get online and install our remote access software. We will remove the infection and help you try not to get infected again. To help protect you from ransomware you will need to setup some form of offline backup that you update often and we can assist with that. See our remote support section for more information…

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